Adam Slade – Standfast & Barracks

Adam Slade is a surface pattern designer and technical textiles professional based in the Northwest of England. The foundation of Adams personal work is fine detailed pen drawings, made from a mix of subjects that intrigue and captivate him, an eclectic mix of flora, fauna, antiques and anatomy, which are then digitally printed onto a range of grounds.

Adam uses an even mix of hand artworking and CAD design to create his patterns and products, with just as a fine an attention to detail to the digital work as the hand drawing. With the primary medium being digital print, this has led Adam to working with many of the UKs best fabric printers which is how he came into his position at Standfast & Barracks. Standfast is known as the UK’s best furnishing fabric printer and with his technical abilities as well as a creative mindset, Adams skills are being put to good use in the field of colour separation at Standfast, where he runs and maintains the flow of work going through the traditional hand-separation studio.

Adam’s role involves taking in new design work, analysing the artwork for practicality for a selected print method and then planning it into the work flow of the studio. Colour separation is the first process of many in the production of traditionally printed textiles, so ensuring that each pattern meets its due date is key in the smooth running of the factory.